Our Project

Breaking the silence around the world. Rompiendo el Silencio Por El Mundo

We know that we can help improve the quality of life of people who have suffered or suffer sexual abuse in the world. With a message of optimism and hope. Telling our first person experience.

We know the psychological and social problems caused by first-person abuse, since the woman on this trip was a victim for more than 10 years of her childhood.

Our project is to travel the world to raise awareness, disseminate and educate our society about sexual abuse of minors. We have taken a total turn to our lives to fulfill our dream: to travel the world in order to contribute to our grain of sand, to make the world a better place and happier people.

We have a story to tell to raise awareness in our society. To help prevent abuse, and help break the silence.

According to data available from the Council of Europe, it is estimated that one in five European children is a victim of some form of sexual violence.

We cannot sit idly by knowing that every year thousands of children face a life of broken illusions, accompanied by guilt, fear and distrust.

Girls and boys are the future of our society. When they are abused, they not only become victims, but this experience transforms the adult they will be.

¬ęEverything will sprout out of my soul and my body. Now freedom will become the companion of my life, always together, never more prisoner of guilt and fear. ‚ÄĚ
Vannia Condeza

RESPEM Solidarity Project: Breaking the Silence around the World

Rompiendo El Silencio Por El Mundo