¿Do you need help?

If you are a survivor.
If you accompany someone who suffered ASI.
If you are a professional and want to know more about.
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Si eres unx superviviente
Si acompañas a alguien que sufrió ASI
Si eres profesional y quieres saber más sobre
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¿Do you need help?

If you are a survivor.
If you accompany someone who suffered ASI.
If you are a professional and want to know more about.
Get in contact with us.

If you are a survivor, we invite you to join the community on Instagram that Vannia has created. Where you will find a lot of content and tools that will help you know and better understand the damage trauma of sexual abuse leaves on a person.

Here we leave you a series of books and workshops that may be of interest to you. Books that can serve as self-help and others that will help inspire you to heal your wounds too.

Guilt Workshop

Guilt is one of the consequences that most affects the life of a CSA survivor.
Abusers often use persuasive techniques to make the victim believe that the abuse is her fault.

In this workshop Vannia explains 3 keys to understand why guilt is a sequel that causes so much damage to a survivor.

Workshop: 3 steps to transform a sequel

Those who have suffered CSA have had to bear a series of consequences that condition or block life.

Knowing how to recognize the sequels that you keep dragging on is necessary to start transforming them.

In this workshop Vannia teaches you three steps to transform a sequel, which are what she uses with the people she accompanies in her healing processes.

The courage to heal

This book explains the phases of healing, a long process that uncovers fear and anger that could not be expressed at the time, but that ultimately allows survivors to regain feelings, self-esteem and the will to live fully. Therapeutic exercises based on the positive expression of anger and new attitudes towards sex make up a comprehensive work aimed at both women and health professionals.

The broken glass

In this book, José Luis Canales, examines in detail the physical and emotional impact that sexual abuse has on its victims, as well as the obstacles they have to go through to achieve their emotional recovery. The book includes testimonies from women and men who could not reach a full life until the sexual abuse they suffered in their childhood was resolved at the root, and which led them through various paths of self-destruction.

The children who stopped dreaming

The book focuses on the aftermath of CSA. The book is divided into six chapters and each of them deals with a type of sequel: psychological, family, physical, social, sequels that appear in childhood and legal consequences. At the end of each of the chapters there is a testimony that illustrates the topic that has been discussed.

She is me

“I am one in four of the girls in Spain who are victims of child sexual abuse. I am also one of the 60% who suffer from it at the hands of a person from the family environment. I am one in two, where the cases are not isolated, but repeated and continuous. “

She is me presents us with a testimony as heartrending as it is healing that begins in Marta’s maturity, when the memories of a forgotten childhood and adolescence burst into her memory with the same violence of the trauma she experienced. Hand in hand with the author, the reader travels through her life trajectory and faces a battle against silence and fear, memory and oblivion, the body and reason.

Dare to touch me

I had a great aunt who drowned. Simply, her windpipe wanted to close; no water, no food. I’ve always believed that she choked on the truth. It is so hard to talk about being abused that we usually prefer to die. This collection of poems talks about the process you have gone through since you suffer abuse until you heal it. It touches on topics such as incest, rape, abuse, heartbreak, emotional and eating disorders, addictions or death, but also love, self-esteem, family, healing, feminism or purpose in life. It is a piece of my healed wound and maybe yours too since all adversities lead to the same place: yourself.

The voice hidden in the silence

“My name is Mar Moleón, I am 43 years old and I am the mother of three wonderful children, among many other things … I am a SURVIVOR of child sexual abuse, and in the pages of this book you will discover how, despite having suffered IN SECRET Most of my life, today I am a woman of integrity, sensible, happy and constantly growing. I have finally managed to have a full life and be at peace with myself and with the world around me. In this book you will see my process of growth and healing step by step. How I have overcome all the obstacles that life has placed on me and you will understand how you can overcome them too. Perhaps your suffering has not been mine, but I know that your soul is vibrating because it feels that it is going to start a path to your peace and freedom.

Feel free to contact us if you need help, more information or other resources about ASI.